About us

The Resilience 21 Coalition was formed at the end of 2020 by resilience experts from across the nation who are practitioners in diverse communities, working on all aspects of resilience. We have formed together to volunteer guidance and insight from our collective experience in the field, building and promoting resilience across the nation and around the world. We are a Group of Volunteers.

Our Vision

All communities that have disproportionately carried the burden of harm from exploitation of natural resources, economic disinvestment and under-investment, and social and political disenfranchisement, will be included in the processes that inform federal decision-making, and will be prioritized in the distribution of federal support to safeguard households and communities from current and future harm in order to achieve intergenerational equity and improve social, economic, and environmental determinants and strive for prosperity.

The United States, under the leadership of the Biden-Harris Administration, will draw on its unique ingenuity, grit, and resources to build our nation’s capacity to bounce forward from climate related shocks, into a more sustainable and equitable way of life for all communities and small businesses. The nation has an important opportunity to transform extant policies that inhibit development and growth for most of the nation and invest in solutions that are regenerative and forward facing.

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